i found a really good fanfic

it’s been on hiatus for three years

whenever i see big bugs on the floor i keep wanting to take out a net and catch them

animal crossing has ruined me

It takes a while, but when it does I bet it’ll feel really great. Good luck on your arting endeavors. uwu

why thank you

depends on the type of perfectionist but they’re right in that if you overthink it you’ll stress yourself out into drawing nothing is better to just let the pen explode on the paper and move on to the next sketch

that makes it sound so easy but hey i’m trying

Oh trust me I’m a perfectionist in several regards but I’ve found letting go and trying to be more free with art is a lot more relaxing and enjoyable? Something I’ve found lately is if you make a mistake you can turn it into something? IDK.

no you’re probably right

i need to let go and let myself art freely but i’m having trouble not trying to correct every tiny thing constantly

it’s kind of a pain

Oh man but that’s half the fun! I’ve grown fond of doing pen sketches because I like how quick and sloppy it looks? I dunno I’m probably weird on that.

oh man i wish

being a perfectionist really sucks when it comes to art

for some reason for the last few days i’ve really wanted to do a watercolor painting??

but i normally hate painting and we don’t have the supplies anyway idk it’s just weird

But printer paper is good for quick sketches so as long as you’re just using a pen or a ball point pen.

i’m not good enough to sketch with pens yet i erase too much


geez i haven’t finished anything yet

i am cheese and i don’t like drawing on printer paper